Planned Parenthood Violating Policy of Medical Waste Disposal Company

Stericycle's policy was "no fetal remains", but Planned Parenthood have violated policy leading to hundred's of contracts being terminated.

Boy With Similar Condition to Charlie Gard Benefitted From Treatment

The boy's parents say that Charlie should be given the same opportunities as their son.

Adults should not be teaching children about sexuality and sexual pleasure

“Operation Good Neighbor” Israelis Offering a Helping Hand to Syrians

What began as a few Syrian war wounded asking their arch-enemy, Israel, for medical help, has now grown into a full-fledged humanitarian aid mission.

Makers of ‘God’s Not Dead’ Rebuild Ten Commandments Monument

The stone monument was completely destroyed when a man drove his car into it.

Finland: Hundreds of Asylum Seekers Converting to Christ

Conversion from Islam is a divisive move not readily accepted by many traditional Muslim families; some are treated as 'infidels' by their families.

Young Yazidi Girls Face Horrific Abuse at the Hands of ISIS Terrorists

One report found girls as young as 9 were having abortions after being raped by ISIS terrorists.

Out of Control Wildfires Continue to Rage Across Western US

For some states this has been the worst fire season in history.

Nepal : Sudden Series of Arson and Bomb Attacks on Four Church Buildings

Christians in Nepal are alarmed after this month's sudden series of arson and bomb attacks on four church buildings, and church leaders suspect authorities are lax in investigating.

Tragic Mothers’ Day: Mother Dies Saving Her Daughter

Mothers' Day tragedy - a mother dies while saving her daughter from being hit by a car.