ISIS Using Christians as Human Shields in Marawi

Witnesses claim that jihadists are killing or abusing those remaining in the town.

Christian Bakery Refuses to Bake Wedding Cake for Gay Couple

Bakery risks being sued because of its decision to turn down an order based on the sexual orientation of the customer.

12 Year Old Takes Mother’s Estrogen Tablets to Become a Girl, Then Changes His...

The boy took hormones prescribed to his mother, and then later changed his mind...

A Glimmer of Hope for Charlie Gard

Charlie's parents are awaiting a new court ruling because the hospital reconsidered its decision after receiving new medical information.

Pro-Lifers Celebrate as ‘Starvation Bill’ Fails

If the Bill had been passed it would have been used to end the lives of innocent people.

Otto Warmbier Returns Home in a Coma

His parents learned just one week ago that he had been in a coma since March 2016.

From Millionaire Porn Distributor to Pastor

On the outside he had everything, but on the inside he was dying...

“The More They Murder, the More They Are Paid”

"The terrorist who murdered our Ezra is receiving a monthly stipend from the Palestinian Authority"

U.S. Military Confirm ISIS-K Leader Dead

The attack was carried out in Afghanistan on the 11th of July.

Hurricane Irma Heads For US Coast

Hurricane Irma looks set to make landfall on the Florida coast where a state of emergency has been declared.