Trump: “We Will Have No Choice Than To Totally Destroy North Korea”

The threats and rhetoric get even stronger but where can Trump go now?

Violence and Hatred: What a Robert E. Lee Statue Exposed in Charlottesville

The alt-right has vowed to return to Charlottesville and to take their ideology to other public places.

Three Female Suicide Bombers Kill 27 in Nigerian Refugee Camp

With 27 dead and 83 injured, the army's renewed control of the area has been brought into question.

‘VidAngel’ Filtering Service is Back Despite Strong Opposition

VidAngel think that the real reason Hollywood is opposing them is simply because, "they don't like our values".

Time Has Come to Move Monuments That Are Symbols of Hatred

Jackson says that the confederate monuments that are creating racial division should be relocated.

Tragic Mothers’ Day: Mother Dies Saving Her Daughter

Mothers' Day tragedy - a mother dies while saving her daughter from being hit by a car.

‘Jesus Week’ in New York “The Boldest Thing We’ve Ever Seen”

New York gathered together to pray, sing, read Scripture and watch Christian performances.

Baby in One Hand, Detonator in the Other

"Jihadist brides" in Mosul reveal what it means to be married to ISIS.

Billy Graham’s Ministry Comes Alongside Mourners in Manchester

"We encountered people who were in shock and disbelief of what had happened here in Manchester..."

“Uber Christian” – The Ride With Hedge Protection

Comedian John Crist's new video takes a look at what Christian Uber service would look like.