Human Trafficking – It’s Time for the Church to Wake Up

We will always end up feeling overwhelmed by the size and scope of the problem, but the answer from Jesus has always been the Body of Christ.

Indian Christians Denied Access to Water

The Christians are being accused by the Hindu community of converting people to Christianity by force.

Iranian Christian Actress Trusting God for Asylum

If deported back to the Islamic Republic of Iran, she faces prison, and possibly rape and death because of her conversion.

Malaysia: Pastor Abducted for Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

Islam is the majority religion in Malaysia, allowing for the creation of State shari’a courts with jurisdiction over Islamic matters

Images of suffering can bring about change – but are they ethical?

In a series of provocative photographs, poor children in India were made to pose in front of fancy tables covered with fake food. A...

Man Gets a Car from God

It seems that God may have shares in the the Philippines car market.

Out of Control Wildfires Continue to Rage Across Western US

For some states this has been the worst fire season in history.

Violence and Hatred: What a Robert E. Lee Statue Exposed in Charlottesville

The alt-right has vowed to return to Charlottesville and to take their ideology to other public places.

Sharp Differences: Trump and Pope to Meet in May

The pope says he will be "sincere" with the president and is willing to find common ground.

Killing in Times Square: Man Ploughs Car Into Pedestrians

Television footage showed police officers restraining a man in a dark T-shirt and placing him in a police car.