‘Reach Russia Now’ Project and the Challenges For the Gospel

Many remote villages are deeply rooted in Shamanism, a practice that makes contact with the spiritual world.

Care Groups For Mothers: Education, Support and the Gospel

'Food for the Hungry' programs are empowering mothers in impoverished communities with wonderful results.

Alabama Teenage Missionary Killed in Tragic Bus Crash

The bus carrying students headed to Africa on a mission trip, was on its way to Atlanta airport when it crashed.

Her Dream About a Fish Leads Her to Jesus

While flipping through a friends Bible she saw the fish from her dream. She began to read God's Word...

Trump on Puerto Rico: “It’s now acknowledged what a great job we’ve done”

Trump's gives White House staff a big pat on the back for the great job done, during visit to devastated Puerto Rico.

France: Motorist Kills Young Girl After Deliberately Driving into Pizzeria

The incident occurred less than a week after a car was driven into a group of soldiers in Paris.

Nepal : Sudden Series of Arson and Bomb Attacks on Four Church Buildings

Christians in Nepal are alarmed after this month's sudden series of arson and bomb attacks on four church buildings, and church leaders suspect authorities are lax in investigating.

What Happens During a Near Death Experience?

Does your whole life really "flash before your eyes"?

Pastor and His Wife Die During Hurricane Harvey

The couple got caught in their truck in deep waters and rescue efforts to save them were too late.

Chinese Christian Leader Denounce How the Government is Violating Human Rights

The Christian leader has asked to publicly share his image to denounce how the government is violating Human Rights.