Deporting Christians to Iraq is Like Leading Sheep to the Slaughter

Many of the Christians seized in Detroit by immigration officials have been living in the USA for over 30 years.

Murder-Suicide? Former Canon of Leicester Catherdral Found Dead

One of the deceased was a former canon of Leicester Cathedral and had suffered a stroke in 2015.

Ark Encounter: Reclaiming the Rainbow

A life-sized Noah's Ark replica at The Ark Encounter biblical theme park in Kentucky will now be permanently lit at night with a rainbow.

Germany’s President Fights for Freedom of Religion

Angela Merkel told voters that religious freedom in the EU is 'worth fighting for'.

“Miracle Babies” Pastor Gilbert Deya Extradited to Kenya

After evading extradition for over 10 years, the controversial pastor returns home to face the music.

Nabeel Qureshi: God Comforted Me Through Excruciating Pain

A 14 cm long stent dislodged itself from his stomach and got stuck in his throat, causing incredible pain.

Mexico: Church Roof Collapses During Earthquake Killing 11 Relatives

A christening turned into a funeral at Santiago Apostol Church in Mexico after the latest earthquake hit Mexico.

End of the World “Rubbish” Story Overshadows What True Christianity is Accomplishing

The real world issues that deserve coverage are fighting for place over a fake news story about the end of the world.

Pope Francis Draws Attention to Human Embryos Destroyed for Research

Though in the earliest stages of life, embryos are living human beings who have their own unique DNA.

Out of Control Wildfires Continue to Rage Across Western US

For some states this has been the worst fire season in history.