Welcome News for America’s Pro-Life Community

Catherine Glenn Foster has ben appointed President and CEO of the organization 'Americans United for Life'.

Are Planned Parenthood’s New Sex & LGBT Guidelines Shattering Children’s Innocence?

Planned Parenthood's new guidelines for educating preschoolers include entire sections about transgenderism and masturbation.

Fighting Back: Sacked After Expressing His Christian Views on Same-Sex Adoption

His former government employer believed that his views about family had "undermined" the confidence of staff, particularly LGBT staff.

8 Dead and Many Critical Found Locked in a Truck in Walmart Carpark

San Antonio Fire Chief said they would be treating the incident as a "mass casualty situation".

Biblically Significant Human Remains Found at Gezer

The remains of two adults and a child were discovered in a building that had been destroyed in an Egyptian attack in the 13th century BC.

India: 10 Year Old Girl Pregnant After Being Repeatedly Raped by Uncle

"Can a 10-year-old deliver a child? Could it be life threatening for her? We are praying that nothing bad happens to her."

Is it Really Possible to “Be Anxious for Nothing”?

Pastor and author Max Lucado explains why so many Christians are so anxious.

Is the Death Penalty un-Christian?

In the Western world, today, only the United States and Belarus retain capital punishment for crimes not committed during wartime.

Why is suicide on the rise in the US – but falling in most...

Suicide now ranks in the top 10 leading causes of death in the U.S.

Charlie Gard and Parents Granted Permanent U.S. Residency

Pro-life congressmen have granted the residency so that Charlie can get the treatment he needs.