Cuba: Pastor Jailed for Homeschooling His Children

Rally planned outside the Cuban Embassy in Washington to protest against Cuba's treatment of the family.

Christian Students Urged to Boycott Imposed Islamic Studies

Pastors opposing the recent change say the government has no right to force children to attend Islamic studies.

Christian Owners of Hobby Lobby Chain Investigated for Illegal Imports

Police seized bronze, silver, and gold coins, ancient Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic and Latin parchment and sculptures.

Daddy Mully’s Amazing Love for Kenya’s Street Children

He sold everything to help homeless children, because he saw himself in their faces...

Did Prayer and Praise Cause Irma to Weaken Before Hitting Florida?

Florida governor urged everyone to pray, and Florida residents gathered on the beach to pray and sing "The Great I Am" as Irma approached.

US: A Growing Latino Influence is Shifting the Religious Landscape

Pew Research Center found that Hispanic evangelicals are especially active in charismatic denominations.

Theresa May Says Church Should Not be Forced to Conduct Same-Sex Marriages

British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks about her views on same-sex marriage and the Church of England.

Repression of Religious Freedom Continues Unabated in Eritrea

The recent detention of 122 Christians mark a new phase in a crackdown that has been ongoing since May 2002.

Christian Missionaries Providing Aid to Grief Stricken Sierra Leone

While Americans mourn for Houston they should remember the 1000 people who lost their lives in the Sierra Leone flooding.

Deporting Christians to Iraq is Like Leading Sheep to the Slaughter

Many of the Christians seized in Detroit by immigration officials have been living in the USA for over 30 years.