89 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Stands Up Against White Supremicists

During a protest against racial violence in Charlottesville, she held up a sign saying “I escaped the Nazis once. You will not defeat me now.”

White House Expresses Concern Over Detention of American Citizen in North Korea

The White House has expressed their concern at the detention of Kim Hak-song and are seeking his release.

‘7 Killed, 21 Young People Kidnapped’: Boko Haram Targets Christians Again in Cameroon

The Boko Haram Islamic terrorist group has attacked mainly-Christian villages in far North Cameroon, killing 7 people and kidnapping 21 children and young adults...

3 Special Forces Troops Killed and 2 Injured in Niger

The attack is believed to have been carried out by terrorists, raising questions about the safety of soldiers in these areas.

Evangelical Roy Moore Snatches Alabama Primary from GOP Favorite Luther Strange

The underdog's victory has sent shockwaves through Washington.

Will Theresa May’s Government Be Remembered for its Heart for Children?

We all know that words mean nothing if they are not backed by actions.

Religious affairs minister in Sudan signals freedom of religion

In another sign that Islamist elements hostile to Christianity in Sudan could be reined in, the minister of religious affairs has reiterated that Christian...

Politically Incorrect Venice Mayor Gives Police “Allahu akbar” Order

The controversial mayor gave the order, saying, "They want to go to Allah, we'll send them to Allah before they can do damage..."

“As Long As I’m President, You Can Preach From Your Heart!”

Donald Trump was keynote speaker at the first ever 'Celebrate Freedom Rally'.

A Look at Why Kim Jong Un Fears Christianity

The Kim regime in North Korea has imprisoned, tortured and even killed thousands of Christians.