Pence: Religious Freedom is a “Foreign Policy Priority”

Pence vowed that the Trump administration would continue to "condemn persecution of any faith in any place at any time."

Is it Really Possible to “Be Anxious for Nothing”?

Pastor and author Max Lucado explains why so many Christians are so anxious.

Charlie Gard and Parents Granted Permanent U.S. Residency

Pro-life congressmen have granted the residency so that Charlie can get the treatment he needs.

U.S. Military Confirm ISIS-K Leader Dead

The attack was carried out in Afghanistan on the 11th of July.

Testimony: I Was Raped Because of My Stance on Abortion

Her feelings about abortion, even for rape victims, was put to the ultimate test.

Beijing’s Silk Road Project Opens the Way For Christian Missions

Chinese missionaries enter undetected... simply because no one suspects them to be Christians

Walking Through the Gates of Heaven Hand-in-Hand

Touching story of an elderly couple who passed away peacefully just hours apart, and holding hands.

Sex-Change Surgery Reversed: University Blocks Study Saying it’s “Politically Incorrect”

The university has been accused of failing to follow 'the most basic tenets of academic and intellectual freedom of enquiry'.

End Your Life Now for Just $1.20

The legalization of 'doctor-prescribed suicide' is a dangerous recipe for abuse.

Parents in a Fight to Keep Their Baby Alive

Parents wait for court to determine whether life support will be continued, and whether baby can receive treatment.