Holocaust survivor, who forgave her Nazi captors for killing her family, receives Sachem Award

Some would say that what the Nazi's did to Eva and her twin sister Miriam and their family was unforgivable, but forgiveness is what has set Eva free.

Billy Graham’s Daughter warns: The U.S. desperately needs God but doesn’t seem to realize...

Lotz laments that many calls to repentance within the Church today produce more "rending of garments" than "rending of hearts" and are an "outward show to impress."

Hillsong Campaign: Discover the Love of Jesus

“Nothing can separate you from Jesus... Neither your past, nor your background, status, or physical appearance can separate you from the love of Jesus”

Russian Orthodox Priest Calls Protestants “Enemies”

During a rally dedicated to Victory Day, the local Orthodox priest blamed pentecostals and Baptists for preventing their victory.

Pope Francis Draws Attention to Human Embryos Destroyed for Research

Though in the earliest stages of life, embryos are living human beings who have their own unique DNA.

Murder-Suicide? Former Canon of Leicester Catherdral Found Dead

One of the deceased was a former canon of Leicester Cathedral and had suffered a stroke in 2015.

Overwhelming Majority of Puerto Ricans Vote For US Statehood

Voting stations were virtually empty on Sunday because Puerto Rico's two main opposition parties boycotted the vote.

Street Preachers Go Free After Saying “Mohammed is a Liar”

A large crowd reportedly gathered around the men chanting "go home" before the police came to arrest them.

Germany’s President Fights for Freedom of Religion

Angela Merkel told voters that religious freedom in the EU is 'worth fighting for'.

Israeli-Palastinian Tensions Remain High Despite Removal of Metal Detectors

Fresh clashes broke out after the second evening prayers had finished late on Tuesday.