Holocaust survivor, who forgave her Nazi captors for killing her family, receives Sachem Award

Some would say that what the Nazi's did to Eva and her twin sister Miriam and their family was unforgivable, but forgiveness is what has set Eva free.

Billy Graham’s Daughter warns: The U.S. desperately needs God but doesn’t seem to realize...

Lotz laments that many calls to repentance within the Church today produce more "rending of garments" than "rending of hearts" and are an "outward show to impress."

Trump Gives Speech at USA’s Largest Evangelical University

Donald Trump assured students that as long as he was president they would have no problem practicing their faith.

Theresa May Says Church Should Not be Forced to Conduct Same-Sex Marriages

British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks about her views on same-sex marriage and the Church of England.

Priest Abducted by Islamic Terrorists Appeals to Philippines Government

Militants have executed more than a dozen people - including nine Christians - and numerous others had been taken hostage.

The Democrats War on Christians and Their Values

We need to stand together to stop Christians, and their values, being driven from government.

Why Did This Christian Destroy a Ten Commandments Monument?

Michael Reed is not the only one who challenged the installation—though his protest may be the first.

Baby in One Hand, Detonator in the Other

"Jihadist brides" in Mosul reveal what it means to be married to ISIS.

Australian Pastor: The Quran is a Virus Infecting Muslim’s Brains

Piper made clear his view that 'the teachings of the Qu'ran and Islamism are indeed dangerous.'

Mozambique: ‘Flying Doctor’ Opening Doors For Jesus in Remote Villages

Bringing Jesus' love to the poor and isolated communities in Mozambique is opening doors for the gospel.