Holocaust survivor, who forgave her Nazi captors for killing her family, receives Sachem Award

Some would say that what the Nazi's did to Eva and her twin sister Miriam and their family was unforgivable, but forgiveness is what has set Eva free.

Billy Graham’s Daughter warns: The U.S. desperately needs God but doesn’t seem to realize...

Lotz laments that many calls to repentance within the Church today produce more "rending of garments" than "rending of hearts" and are an "outward show to impress."

Ancient Tablet Reveals Structure That Could Be Tower of Babel

Findings produce strong that the Tower of Babel story in the Bible was inspired by this real building.

“Let’s Encourage Trump to Follow Through on Religious Liberty”

A call for President Trump to make religious liberty both national and foreign policy.

White House Declines Request to Host Ramadan Event

Muslim activists have accused President Donald Trump's administration of having an unfriendly attitude toward Islam.

Afghanistan: US Soldiers Murdered in ISIS Stronghold

The area where the attack was carried out is believed to be an ISIS stronghold.

Pro-Lifers Celebrate as ‘Starvation Bill’ Fails

If the Bill had been passed it would have been used to end the lives of innocent people.

Churches Trying to Stop Same-Sex Marriage in Malta

The mainly Catholic nation is pressing ahead with the introduction of same-sex weddings despite objections from church groups.

The Battle to Save Charlie Gard’s Life Has Ended

After months of fighting the hospital and the courts to get him to the USA, it is too late for the treatment that could have saved his life.

Christian Owners of Hobby Lobby Chain Investigated for Illegal Imports

Police seized bronze, silver, and gold coins, ancient Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic and Latin parchment and sculptures.