Holocaust survivor, who forgave her Nazi captors for killing her family, receives Sachem Award

Some would say that what the Nazi's did to Eva and her twin sister Miriam and their family was unforgivable, but forgiveness is what has set Eva free.

Billy Graham’s Daughter warns: The U.S. desperately needs God but doesn’t seem to realize...

Lotz laments that many calls to repentance within the Church today produce more "rending of garments" than "rending of hearts" and are an "outward show to impress."

Prince of ISIS Converted After Dreaming About the Blood of Jesus

"He was a 'Prince of ISIS', someone ISIS members swear allegiance to and would die for. He was planning to kill me, now he is my brother in Christ"

Amazing Rescue: Girl Trapped Behind ISIS Lines for 3 Days

American missionaries risk their lives to help the oppressed in Mosul.

Joel Osteen’s Hand Gestures: ‘Hook ’em Horns’ or ‘Devil’s Sign’? You Decide.

While many Twitter users were quick to criticize, there were many people on Twitter who clarified the context of the hand gesture.

Christian Man Dies After Doctors Refuse to Touch His ‘Unclean’ Body During Ramadan

One doctor has been arrested by police and they are looking for 2 other doctors involved in the incident.

Building Bridges Between Christians, Muslims and Jews

Christian and Jewish organizations are delivering Ramadan food packages to needy Muslims.

Iraqi Prime Minister in Mosul to Congratulate Troops

Eight months of urban warfare has brought an end to three years of jihadist rule in the city.

Passengers Get More Than They Bargain For in This Uber Taxi

A ride with Uber driver Kenneth Drayton can be the encouragement that you need to get you through the day!

Are Planned Parenthood’s New Sex & LGBT Guidelines Shattering Children’s Innocence?

Planned Parenthood's new guidelines for educating preschoolers include entire sections about transgenderism and masturbation.