Holocaust survivor, who forgave her Nazi captors for killing her family, receives Sachem Award

Some would say that what the Nazi's did to Eva and her twin sister Miriam and their family was unforgivable, but forgiveness is what has set Eva free.

Billy Graham’s Daughter warns: The U.S. desperately needs God but doesn’t seem to realize...

Lotz laments that many calls to repentance within the Church today produce more "rending of garments" than "rending of hearts" and are an "outward show to impress."

Come Back to the Original Principals That We Were Founded On

Kirk Cameron urges Americans to come back to the truth of God's Word, to avoid further moral and financial decline.

North Korea’s Unit 180: A Real and Dangerous Cyber Threat

North Korea is one of the most closed countries in the world and any details of its clandestine operations are difficult to obtain.

Priest Abducted by Islamic Terrorists Appeals to Philippines Government

Militants have executed more than a dozen people - including nine Christians - and numerous others had been taken hostage.

Senior Citizen Who Visited Christian Relatives is Charged With Spying

The 61 year old was arrested on charges of spying because he failed to report that his relatives are churchgoers.

ISIS ‘Passports to Paradise’ Encourage Suicide Attacks

The passports indicate that the owners will be able to go to heaven, but they are forbidden from traveling to hell.

Baby in One Hand, Detonator in the Other

"Jihadist brides" in Mosul reveal what it means to be married to ISIS.

Sunday School is Out for Children in China’s Zhejiang Province

Despite the ongoing persecution of Christians in China, the Gospel continues to spread at an unprecedented rate.

Hillsong’s Carl Lentz Reproached for Drinking Shots With Justin Bieber

Lenz and shirtless Justin Bieber were photographed downing shots at a bar in NZ.