“Muslims continually ask me for Bibles”

Those who convert from Islam to Christianity often face imprisonment, isolation from their communities, or, even worse, death.

India: 10 Year Old Girl Pregnant After Being Repeatedly Raped by Uncle

"Can a 10-year-old deliver a child? Could it be life threatening for her? We are praying that nothing bad happens to her."

“A Message of Peace and Love to the World” : El Sisi Builds Middle...

CAIRO –Christians in Egypt are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas 2019 is particularly special because it will be remembered for the dedication...

Did You Know Brad Pitt Had a Charismatic Upbringing?

Pitt says when he saw others speaking in tongues, he wanted to try it for himself.

Dennis Prager: God is Using Trump for Good

Prager sees the lesser of two evils as being "more good", rather that "still evil".

Vatican Astrologer Explains Tussle Between Church and Science

Ahead of a summit on Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and Space-Time Singularities', Vatican astronomer speaks about faith and science.

Hillsong Church Can Add Another Celeb Name to its List: Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger headed to church a few days after attending his dad Arnold's 70th birthday bash.

Donation of $2 Million to Help Rebuild Iraq’s Christian Community

Hundreds of Christian families were driven from their homes by ISIS who also destroyed churches and graveyards.

Biblically Significant Human Remains Found at Gezer

The remains of two adults and a child were discovered in a building that had been destroyed in an Egyptian attack in the 13th century BC.

Billy Graham Cautions Against Trying to Predict When the End Will Come

Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, weighed in on the same issue in a recent Facebook post.