60 Year Reign of Castro Family in Cuba Coming to an End

Raul Castro is stepping down from his position after taking over from his brother Fidel in 2008.

Ark Encounter: Reclaiming the Rainbow

A life-sized Noah's Ark replica at The Ark Encounter biblical theme park in Kentucky will now be permanently lit at night with a rainbow.

Tehran: Latest Victim of ISIS Attacks

Twin attacks in parliament and the mausoleum are the first ISIS attacks in Iran.

Two Killed in Mali Terror Attack

Security has gradually worsened in Mali since French forces pushed back allied Islamist and Tuareg rebel fighters in 2013.

Pence: Religious Freedom is a “Foreign Policy Priority”

Pence vowed that the Trump administration would continue to "condemn persecution of any faith in any place at any time."

Pope Francis Admits to Weekly Psychoanalyst Sessions

The Catholic Church's previous mistrust regarding psychoanalysis seems to have diminished over time.

Christian Youth in Kazakhstan take to the streets in support of autism

Why Kazakhstan youth perform a dance flash mob to raise awareness of autism: "We want to give what He once gave us"

Devastated Parents: “We Should Be Planning Charlie’s Birthday, Not His Funeral”

Would Charlie Gard have turned 1 year old on Friday if he had been allowed to have experimental treatment?

Passport to Freedom? Canada Introduces Gender Neutral Passport Designation

Canada becomes the first country in the Americas to allow the X designation.

ISIS Using Drones to Drop Bombs on Raqqa

Earlier this year, ISIS released a lengthy video detailing the terror group's weaponized drone program.