Afghanistan: US Soldiers Murdered in ISIS Stronghold

The area where the attack was carried out is believed to be an ISIS stronghold.

First Legal Unison in the World Between 3 Men

Could cases like theirs signal the start of a concerted effort by campaigners to allow it?

Hillsong’s Carl Lentz Reproached for Drinking Shots With Justin Bieber

Lenz and shirtless Justin Bieber were photographed downing shots at a bar in NZ.

Christian Mom Who Speaks Out About Sodomy Has Twitter Account Suspended

"The Activist Mommy" was speaking out about an article published in Teen Vogue Magazine.

Boy With Similar Condition to Charlie Gard Benefitted From Treatment

The boy's parents say that Charlie should be given the same opportunities as their son.

Christian Bakery Refuses to Bake Wedding Cake for Gay Couple

Bakery risks being sued because of its decision to turn down an order based on the sexual orientation of the customer.

Is it Really Possible to “Be Anxious for Nothing”?

Pastor and author Max Lucado explains why so many Christians are so anxious.

Donation of $2 Million to Help Rebuild Iraq’s Christian Community

Hundreds of Christian families were driven from their homes by ISIS who also destroyed churches and graveyards.

24 British MPs Write to Pakistan Regarding Unjust Blasphemy Laws

Muslims, Christians and Hindus suffer a denial of religious freedom at the hands of the state compounded by harassment, violence and persecution from extremists.

Why Christian Pro-Basketballer Jeremy Lin is Taking Social Media Time-Out

Jeremy Lin hopes by removing some of "the distracting voices of the world" he will be able to focus his attention on Christ.