3 Special Forces Troops Killed and 2 Injured in Niger

The attack is believed to have been carried out by terrorists, raising questions about the safety of soldiers in these areas.

US: A Growing Latino Influence is Shifting the Religious Landscape

Pew Research Center found that Hispanic evangelicals are especially active in charismatic denominations.

Terminally Ill Man Wants to End His Life, But UK High Court Won’t Allow...

Parliament recently overwhelmingly voted to reject introducing assisted suicide in Great Britain.

16 Year Old Coptic Girl Kidnapped in June is Rescued

Her kidnapping was part of a series of disappearances in which Coptic girls were targeted by Islamist networks.

Denzel Washington: “I’m a God-Fearing Man”

A group of people in Chicago were treated to an impromptu visit from Denzel Washington, who told them he was "regular folk".

Lebanon: Tent Schools Providing Hope to Refugee Children

1 million Syrian refugees are now in Lebanon and Tent Schools are helping children to learn, even about Jesus.

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Offers Words of Hope to Vegas Survivors

“You will walk again. You will laugh again. You will dance again. You will live again.”

Evangelical Leaders Suggest What To Do With ‘Dreamers’

While the statement did not endorse a particular piece of legislation, it presented six principles for a congressional remedy...

Leading Genital Reconstructive Surgeon: More and More Patients Regretting Sex-Change

The surgeon said those wishing for a reversal have shared about crippling levels of depression and suicidal thoughts they've had.

It Still Hurts: House Passes Bill Banning 20-Week Abortions

The 20 week cut-off is due to the belief that this is the time the foetus begins to experience pain.