Disaster Response: Church Teams Trying to Do It All, and Failing

Meeting the needs of disaster victims for example, is complex. Without the necessary expertise we're ineffective.

Lonely Souls Take Heart: We Are Never Alone!

We all experience seasons of loneliness, no matter how surrounded we may be.

UK: First Gay Couple to Get Married in a Church

Scottish Episcopal Church members voted to remove the doctrinal clause which stated that marriage is a ''union of one man and one woman''.

Fake News for the World is Like False Teaching for the Church

Like fake news, false teaching appeals to our fears or desires, distorts the truth, and relies on a partial knowledge of what was really said.

New Research Shows How Suicide Affects Churches

Most pastors believe they are equipped to help those thinking of suicide, but the statistics paint a different picture.

What Does the Bible Say About Harvest?

Harvest is rich with Christian meaning...

7 Reasons Why Many Leave Church But Shouldn’t

Being "uncomfortable" in church is not necessarily a bad thing. What is God showing you?

China: Government to Impose New Restrictions on Churches

The government is expected to implement new revisions with greater restrictions on churches.

Nashville: Masked Gunman Kills 1 and Injures 6 in Church Shooting

He opened fire indiscriminately on the congregation but was overpowered by an usher who was later praised as a hero for "stopping the madness".

Is God Really the Same Today as He Was in the Old Testament?

Yes He is! What has changed is not God but the degree to which we have attained an understanding of His true nature.