A Christian Without the Great Commission is Like a Ship Without a Rudder

Being a Christian means living for Christ and obeying His Word. Christ commanded us to "...go and preach the gospel to all creation..."

UK: First Gay Couple to Get Married in a Church

Scottish Episcopal Church members voted to remove the doctrinal clause which stated that marriage is a ''union of one man and one woman''.

Baby Led Weaning: When Are Christians Ready for Solid Food?

Unlike spiritual milk, solid food requires that we are mature.

“I Regretted Sex Change Surgery”

Is sex-change surgery the answer to gender dysphoria? How should the church respond to transgenders?

10 Strong Biblical Women We Don’t Hear Enough About

Hear "strong women of the Bible" and we think Mary, Sarah, Esther, Ruth... but there are others whose lives will encourage us.

Hope in Christ, No Matter the Mess

Rick Warren explains why 'hope' In Christ is much more powerful than 'optimism'.

Will There Ever Be (World) Peace for the Wicked?

Will the latest project by the Inter-religious Council of BiH bring us a little closer to world peace?

Microchip: Mark of the Beast or Apocalyptic Alarmism?

We need not be alarmed, but comforted by the fact that Christ will return one day.

Joel Osteen Denies Preaching the ‘Prosperity Gospel’

His sermons and books are all about how to be happier, with a strong emphasis on financial success as a blessing of God.

Would We Be Happier if We Could Wear Pyjamas to Church?

We're looking at ways to 'improve' Church, but for who? Us, or others?