Australia: Prominent Jesuit Schools in Support of Same Sex Marriage

Father Ross Jones argued that Catholic couples could engage in sexual relations "in good conscience" for reasons other than procreation under the "order of reason."

Myanmar: Buddhists Attack Christian Late-Night Celebrations

Their neighbors became angry after "clapping, and dancing" continued until late for 3 days.

Saddleback Church Leader Arrested on Suspicion of Molesting Children

Authorities believe that there could be more victims based on the suspect's "leadership role and access to children."

A Christian Without the Great Commission is Like a Ship Without a Rudder

Being a Christian means living for Christ and obeying His Word. Christ commanded us to "...go and preach the gospel to all creation..."

Patterns of Past Abuse: Australian Catholic Church Falling Short on Safeguarding Children

Latest study finds Australian Catholic Church “lagged significantly behind" in relation to protecting children from abuse.

Billy Graham: Many Signs That We Are Living in the Last Days

Billy Graham shares his thoughts on the rise of secularism in the world today.

‘We’re Here to Bring the Gospel’: Kanye West Performs Sunday Service Washington, DC

Famed rapper Kanye West brought the gospel to Washington, D.C., this weekend with his Sunday Service. West performed at George Washington University in what the...

Nabeel Qureshi, battling cancer, saw Jesus in a dream and was asked to perform...

Through this experience Nabeel understood he didn't have to fear.

Bekker: Zuckerberg Misunderstands the Nature of the Church

What do church and Facebook have in common? Nothing.

Moving On After Charlottesville: Virginia Church Removes Robert E Lee From its Name

The church has been divided for some time over whether it should carry the name of a man who fought to preserve the institution of slavery.