For Change in Our Nation, We First Need Change in the Church

The Church, united in biblical foundation and ideology, should have the greatest voice in our nation.

Repression is no longer the main story of religion in China

Any casual visitor to the country can tell you that the number of churches, mosques, and temples has soared in recent years, and that many of them are full.

Church With Small Children: Some Encouragement for Weary Parents

In the early days of bringing young children into worship, it can feel like self-inflicted torture with no end in sight.

500,000 Ukrainian Believers Gather in Kiev to Celebrate Reformation’s 500th Anniversary

In a country still at conflict with Russia, the church is clearly growing and there is freedom to worship.

New Research Shows How Suicide Affects Churches

Most pastors believe they are equipped to help those thinking of suicide, but the statistics paint a different picture.

How to Prepare Our Children For the Big Questions

Here are 6 ways to build faith into your children, and give them confidence to answer the skeptics.

Are We Justified by Faith Alone, or by Faith Plus Works?

Is justification by faith alone, as Paul says, or by works, as James seems to say?

Archeology : Incredible Discovery of a Tiny Stone Engraved with Ancient Hebrew

JERUSALEM, Israel - During the sifting of archaeological soil in the Emek Tzurim National Park, a tiny stone weight engraved with ancient Hebrew letters...

God Rested, and Set a Pattern For Us

Why do so many pastors fail to follow in God's footsteps on this crucial issue?

Music Has Become ‘Wallpaper Instead of Furniture’ in Worship

"Music that provides inspiring, substantive lyrics does not sell in a praise-and-worship world."