China: Believe What You Want, Just Don’t Do it Publically

In China the issue isn’t so much 'freedom of religion' as it is 'freedom of assembly'.

Should Christians Care About Politics?

We can't summon God to accomplish our own agenda. He is looking for people on His side and He is the one giving orders.

Manchester Church Offers Support to Rescue Services

Audacious Church reached out the very night of the attack to support rescue and security efforts.

Generous Church Blesses Kids With Backpacks in “Back to School Drive”

The giveaways are being paid for with the church’s budget and they are so grateful to help.

New Survey of Evangelical Leaders: Most Own Guns, Most Want Stricter Gun Laws

The survey was conducted ahead of the nationwide remembrance day on Oct. 15, organized by the "Prayer Warriors Against Gun Violence".

For Change in Our Nation, We First Need Change in the Church

The Church, united in biblical foundation and ideology, should have the greatest voice in our nation.

Eugene Peterson Retracts His Statement About Same-Sex Marriage

He regrets the "bombast" his comments made and said he supports "a Biblical view of everything".

Archeology : Incredible Discovery of a Tiny Stone Engraved with Ancient Hebrew

JERUSALEM, Israel - During the sifting of archaeological soil in the Emek Tzurim National Park, a tiny stone weight engraved with ancient Hebrew letters...

It’s Time For American Christians To Speak Out Against Racist Hatred

Christians don't intentionally put up walls between races, but society has created divisions and barriers which must be torn down.

We Don’t Know What He Looks Like So How Will We Recognise Him?

Evangelist Billy Graham answers this question which may have been at the back of many of our minds.