Australia: Prominent Jesuit Schools in Support of Same Sex Marriage

Father Ross Jones argued that Catholic couples could engage in sexual relations "in good conscience" for reasons other than procreation under the "order of reason."

Moving Farewell: Nabeel Qureshi Bids His Congregation Goodbye

Muslim-turned-Christian apologist and cancer suffere, Nabeel Qureshi, steps down from church responsibilities.

UK: First Gay Couple to Get Married in a Church

Scottish Episcopal Church members voted to remove the doctrinal clause which stated that marriage is a ''union of one man and one woman''.

New Research Shows How Suicide Affects Churches

Most pastors believe they are equipped to help those thinking of suicide, but the statistics paint a different picture.

7 Reasons Why Many Leave Church But Shouldn’t

Being "uncomfortable" in church is not necessarily a bad thing. What is God showing you?

Francis Chan: churches must lay out Gospel even when unpopular: ‘Jesus had no problem...

Notable preacher and author Francis Chan implored churches to be willing to proclaim the Gospel without sugarcoating it, declaring that “Jesus had no problem...

‘Christianity is a Bed of Roses…’ and Other Lies Preachers Tell Us

How many people are discouraged and disillusioned when they discover that Christian life can be a bed of thorns at times?

The First Commandment Contradicts the Policy of China’s President Xi Jinping

Chinese authorities have ordered a church to remove the First Commandment from a display on the grounds that it contradicts the policy of China's...

Repression is no longer the main story of religion in China

Any casual visitor to the country can tell you that the number of churches, mosques, and temples has soared in recent years, and that many of them are full.

Pastor Prays Against Satanic Graffiti

Pastor Willie said whoever carried out the defacement must have had a vendetta, and "hurt in their hearts".