Pope’s Congrats Letter to Gay Couple Does Not Endorse Same-Sex Marriage

Pope Francis has, in the past, emphasized that the gay community should not be "discriminated against" or "marginalized".

Franklin Graham: Natural Disasters Preparing Us For Christ’s Return

Wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, a rare solar eclipse... We cannot ignore their significance.

Pastor Prays Against Satanic Graffiti

Pastor Willie said whoever carried out the defacement must have had a vendetta, and "hurt in their hearts".

Indian Pastors and Christians Beaten by Hindu Extremists Say, “Our Faith in Christ Multiplied!”

The Hindu extremists later posted a video of the attack on Facebook, but police have been afraid to act.

John Chau may have been influenced by past evangelical missions and their belief in...

The recent killing of a 26-year-old U.S. missionary, John Allen Chau, on a remote island in India has raised many questions about global evangelical...

For Change in Our Nation, We First Need Change in the Church

The Church, united in biblical foundation and ideology, should have the greatest voice in our nation.

Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes Regarding the August 21st Eclipse?

Here are 10 Christian Leader's views on the upcoming eclipse...

New Survey of Evangelical Leaders: Most Own Guns, Most Want Stricter Gun Laws

The survey was conducted ahead of the nationwide remembrance day on Oct. 15, organized by the "Prayer Warriors Against Gun Violence".

Francis Chan: churches must lay out Gospel even when unpopular: ‘Jesus had no problem...

Notable preacher and author Francis Chan implored churches to be willing to proclaim the Gospel without sugarcoating it, declaring that “Jesus had no problem...

Fake News for the World is Like False Teaching for the Church

Like fake news, false teaching appeals to our fears or desires, distorts the truth, and relies on a partial knowledge of what was really said.