Anti-Rainbow Emoji Pastor Flees After Receiving Death Threats

Penkoski assured that "none of this is going to cause me to back down. We are not going to stop telling the truth."

Missionary to Alaskan Natives for 72 Years Turns 100

Alice Green spent years living alone in a tiny house in order to witness to congregations of Alaskan natives.

Child Sexual Abuse Secrets Swept Under the Confessional Carpet

Should communicating with God in confession be above the law?

White teenage girl arrested for planning to attack predominantly black church: Ga. police

A 16-year-old girl was arrested by Georgia police for planning to violently attack a predominantly African-American congregation. The girl, who is white, had planned to...

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When we unite ourselves, soul and body, with an unbeliever we risk becoming spiritually dead.

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Everyone welcome... as long as you're like us.

Mr Jeffress, What About Daniel, Moses, the Apostles Defying Political Authority?

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Millions of Christians on Every Continent Pause to Pray for Peace of Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, Israel - Millions of Christians worldwide praying in more than 35 languages united for one cause on Sunday: The Day of Prayer for...

A Worship Leader Gets Simon’s Golden Buzzer Thanks to his Voice and his Lifestyle

But I think sometimes, actions speak louder than words."