Repression is no longer the main story of religion in China

Any casual visitor to the country can tell you that the number of churches, mosques, and temples has soared in recent years, and that many of them are full.

Pope Francis Encourages the Church: Jesus is With Us in Darkest Moments

The Pope reflected on hope as it is found in the story of Christ’s appearance to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Generous Church Blesses Kids With Backpacks in “Back to School Drive”

The giveaways are being paid for with the church’s budget and they are so grateful to help.

Which Worship Style Are You: TV Carrier or Window Washer?

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins will make you laugh with his "10 versions of Christian hand-raisers".

Bekker: Zuckerberg Misunderstands the Nature of the Church

What do church and Facebook have in common? Nothing.

Mr Jeffress, What About Daniel, Moses, the Apostles Defying Political Authority?

Robert Jeffress believes that all authorities have the God-given right to go around "taking out" evil people.

Missionary to Alaskan Natives for 72 Years Turns 100

Alice Green spent years living alone in a tiny house in order to witness to congregations of Alaskan natives.

Myanmar: Buddhists Attack Christian Late-Night Celebrations

Their neighbors became angry after "clapping, and dancing" continued until late for 3 days.

“We Are Made Originally Good”: Pastor Criticises Doctrine of Original Sin

Chalke disputes 15 centuries of the Biblical view of original sin and God's relationship with humanity.

We Cannot Blame the Victims for What Befalls Them

We are just as sinful as those killed in a terror attacks, tsunamis or the like.