Nabeel Qureshi, battling cancer, saw Jesus in a dream and was asked to perform...

Through this experience Nabeel understood he didn't have to fear.

Turkey’s Islamist government orders the seizure of 6 churches in the city of Diyarbakir

For Pastor Ahmet Guvener, "The government didn't take over these pieces of property in order to protect them. They did so to acquire them."

Repression is no longer the main story of religion in China

Any casual visitor to the country can tell you that the number of churches, mosques, and temples has soared in recent years, and that many of them are full.

Get Grace in 30 Seconds

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Which Worship Style Are You: TV Carrier or Window Washer?

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins will make you laugh with his "10 versions of Christian hand-raisers".

Prayers More Powerful Than Hurricanes

Scripture tells us that we can command the storms to stop, like Jesus did.

“When They Drink Deadly Poison it Will Not Hurt Them At All”

If you're testing God's Word by risking your life, then you've gravely misunderstood Him.

China: Believe What You Want, Just Don’t Do it Publically

In China the issue isn’t so much 'freedom of religion' as it is 'freedom of assembly'.

Christianity Growing in Worst Country to Be a Christian: North Korea

Despite constant threats of death, Foley says North Korea's Christians are strong and creative about sharing their faith.