Nabeel Qureshi, battling cancer, saw Jesus in a dream and was asked to perform...

Through this experience Nabeel understood he didn't have to fear.

Turkey’s Islamist government orders the seizure of 6 churches in the city of Diyarbakir

For Pastor Ahmet Guvener, "The government didn't take over these pieces of property in order to protect them. They did so to acquire them."

Why We Shouldn’t Clean Up the Church

What a 'messy' church is and why it's the best kind.

Girl Power: Is Christianity For or Against It?

With the prevalence of feminist ideas and other issues affecting women, the Church has a unique opportunity to both minister and be ministered to.

It’s Time For American Christians To Speak Out Against Racist Hatred

Christians don't intentionally put up walls between races, but society has created divisions and barriers which must be torn down.

Pastor With Gay Parents Speaks About Christian Approach to LGBT Community

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Will There Ever Be (World) Peace for the Wicked?

Will the latest project by the Inter-religious Council of BiH bring us a little closer to world peace?

Anti-Rainbow Emoji Pastor Flees After Receiving Death Threats

Penkoski assured that "none of this is going to cause me to back down. We are not going to stop telling the truth."

Indian Pastors and Christians Beaten by Hindu Extremists Say, “Our Faith in Christ Multiplied!”

The Hindu extremists later posted a video of the attack on Facebook, but police have been afraid to act.

England: Social Action Bringing Churches Together at a Local Level

A new report looking at churches and contemporary ecumenism, provides a snapshot of contemporary inter-church relations in England.