How Christian missionary media shaped the world

The Christian Broadcasting Network, founded over 50 years ago by evangelist Pat Robertson, has now launched the first 24-hour Christian television news channel.

Moving Farewell: Nabeel Qureshi Bids His Congregation Goodbye

Muslim-turned-Christian apologist and cancer suffere, Nabeel Qureshi, steps down from church responsibilities.

Church With Small Children: Some Encouragement for Weary Parents

In the early days of bringing young children into worship, it can feel like self-inflicted torture with no end in sight.

Church Leader Russell Moore Calls White Supremacy “Devil Worship”

Moore says Scriptures shows us 2 things that make Jesus angry: religious hypocrisy and racial supremacist ideology.

Kingdom Life or Ballet Class: What’s Best For Our Kids?

We need to forego what our culture deems 'best' for our children, and instead chase God’s best.

‘I Really Hope This Inspires More Generosity’: FL Church Pays off $1.6 Million in...

Access Church in Lakeland, Florida is helping their community reach financial freedom by paying off more than $1.6 million in medical debt. Pastor Jason Burns...

Pope Francis Encourages the Church: Jesus is With Us in Darkest Moments

The Pope reflected on hope as it is found in the story of Christ’s appearance to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

When God and Metal Mix

Photographer KC McGinnis went to Audiofeed, a Christian rock and metal festival, to revisit his roots.

God Rested, and Set a Pattern For Us

Why do so many pastors fail to follow in God's footsteps on this crucial issue?

Disaster Response: Church Teams Trying to Do It All, and Failing

Meeting the needs of disaster victims for example, is complex. Without the necessary expertise we're ineffective.