Women and girls who escaped from Islamic State terrorists (ISIS) are recounting the harrowing torture of being captured, sold as slaves, raped and forced to abort their unborn babies.

According to the Christian Post, young teens Helin, 15, and Takoshin, 14, were kidnapped by ISIS fighters three years ago. The two girls are free now; their terrorist captors recently abandoned them while fleeing Raqqa, Syria.

The Yazidi girls were sold as sex slaves before they even reached their teen years, according to the report. Helin said she was raped repeatedly and forced to abort three unborn babies.

“The worst man I had, the most evil, he was killed in an airstrike,” Helin said. “I thank God every day that he was killed. Now I want to see my family.”

Takoshin, who was kidnapped at age 11, said she was bought and sold 10 times. According to the report, she was forced to watch a 1-year-old Yazidi boy after ISIS fighters killed his parents. She said she considers herself to be the boy’s mother and hopes her family will let her keep him.

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