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Persecuted Christians

American Pastor Jailed in Turkey is “In Extraordinary Danger”

Brunson has said his reason for living in Turkey for the past 23 years was "...for one purpose only. To tell about Jesus Christ."

Despite Attacks, Indian Pastor Vows to “Live For Him Alone!”

Christians in India are frequently targeted and assaulted by radical Hindus who are trying to stop the spread of the Gospel.

Chinese Government Attempting to Keep Children Away From Church

This latest move by the government reflects the tightening control of religion, particularly Islam and Christianity, under President Xi Jinping.

Imprisoned Fulani Pastor Shares Love of Christ With Inmates and Many Are Born-Again

Pastor Bulus, a former Fulani Herdsman, is facing persecution from his Muslim relatives after giving his life to Christ.

Judge Orders Iranian Christians to Deny Christ

4 Christians have been given lengthy prison sentences for ‘acting against national security’ by ‘promoting Zionist Christianity'.

A Woman Arrested During Eritrean Government Crackdown on Christians Dies in Jail

Since May this year, 210 Christians have reportedly been detained, with 23 Christians rounded up in the first week of August alone.

India: Attacks Against Christians Have Reached a Record High

Hindu extremists were suspected of being involved in most cases of violent assault.

Ethiopia: Christian Man Attacked by Muslim Gang With Machetes

The gang first attacked the local Full Gospel Church and damaged its roof and a wall before going to the man’s house.

Egypt: New Soldier Recruit Killed Because He Was Christian

The Egyptian army told Joseph’s family that he died of an epileptic seizure, but 3 men are in custody following his death.

Pakistan Refuses Entry to ARK, Employers of 2 Missionaries Abducted and Murdered in May

Chinese media blamed the the deaths of the 2 Chinese missionaries on their employer who they said failed to warn them of the dangers of evangelising in Pakistan.