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Uzbekistan Pastor Abducted, Beaten and Threatened

He describes his attack as "the longest 7 minutes of my life"...

Egypt: New Soldier Recruit Killed Because He Was Christian

The Egyptian army told Joseph’s family that he died of an epileptic seizure, but 3 men are in custody following his death.

American Pastor Jailed in Turkey is “In Extraordinary Danger”

Brunson has said his reason for living in Turkey for the past 23 years was "...for one purpose only. To tell about Jesus Christ."

Tribal Villagers in India Beat Christian Family, Destroy Food Supply

Not finding the Christian evangelist they planned to attack at home, worshippers of village deities in central-eastern India beat his mother, wife and 11-month-old...

U.S. Hostage’s Wife Makes Desperate Plea to His Captors

Els requested information after her husband did not appear in a recent 'proof of life' video released by Nusrat al-Islam.

Persecuted Christians to Receive Aid if New Bill is Passed

If approved, aid will go to help groups targeted by IS for genocide, and organisations working to stop these crimes.

“A Message of Peace and Love to the World” : El Sisi Builds Middle...

CAIRO –Christians in Egypt are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas 2019 is particularly special because it will be remembered for the dedication...

Christians From Unregistered Churches Detained by Eritrean Government

Amnesty International says Eritrea is now considered "one of the most oppressive and isolated dictatorships in the world".

China: Church Demolished and 40 Christians Arrested

Authorities in Henan Province seem to be stepping up efforts to crack down on Christianity.

Nigerian court forces Christian girl of 16 to convert to Islam and marry a...

In 2016, the Christian Association of Nigeria stated that over 1,000 girls entered into forced marriages with Muslims in northern Nigeria.