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Religious affairs minister in Sudan signals freedom of religion

In another sign that Islamist elements hostile to Christianity in Sudan could be reined in, the minister of religious affairs has reiterated that Christian...

Mexico is the Most Dangerous Place for Priests

Serious persecution through organised corruption and crime not only affects priests, but Christians too.

Ethiopia: Christian Man Attacked by Muslim Gang With Machetes

The gang first attacked the local Full Gospel Church and damaged its roof and a wall before going to the man’s house.

Christians From Unregistered Churches Detained by Eritrean Government

Amnesty International says Eritrea is now considered "one of the most oppressive and isolated dictatorships in the world".

Egypt: New Soldier Recruit Killed Because He Was Christian

The Egyptian army told Joseph’s family that he died of an epileptic seizure, but 3 men are in custody following his death.

Well Known Philippines Writer Hides Christians From ISIS

Militants came to search Lucman's house but when they realised who he was they left without carrying out a search.

Chinese Government Attempting to Keep Children Away From Church

This latest move by the government reflects the tightening control of religion, particularly Islam and Christianity, under President Xi Jinping.

Cameroon: Bible translator murdered in his home as civil war rages on

A second Bible translator has been killed by suspected Fulani extremists in the civil war-ridden Anglophone region in southern Cameroon this week, a ministry...

American Pastor Jailed in Turkey is “In Extraordinary Danger”

Brunson has said his reason for living in Turkey for the past 23 years was "...for one purpose only. To tell about Jesus Christ."

Message to the World From a Persecuted Coptic Girl

"This is my message to all the persecuted people around the world: 'Do not be afraid! Our lives are in God's hands and we have to adhere to our faith.'"