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Iran: Ebrahim Firouzi goes into internal exile

Friends of Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi request prayer as he is now on his way to Sarbaz on the border with Pakistan to spend...

India: Attacks Against Christians Have Reached a Record High

Hindu extremists were suspected of being involved in most cases of violent assault.

A Commitment to Western Values Will Help Persecuted Christians

A new book by Herreid is a clarion call for the West to return to the cisterns that long nourished it.

Chinese Pastors Gathered for ‘Unity in Christianity’ Event Arrested and Interrogated by Police

Underground or unregistered churches are technically illegal in the country, and are thus often subject to raids and other forms of intimidation by local authorities.

Boko Haram Terrorists Attack Predominantly Christian Community in Northeast Nigeria

OS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Islamic extremist militants from terrorist group Boko Haram on Friday night (Feb. 21) destroyed three worship sites and...

Coptic’s Family Convinced That He Was Tortured to Death

Police have said he hanged himself but his family are sure he was tortured because of his faith.

Two pastors beheaded as violence against Christians flares in Ethiopia

Two Ethiopian pastors have been beheaded in Sebeta, near the capital Addis Ababa, in an outburst of violence against Christians at the end of...

Pakistani Christian Family Attacked for Protecting Daughter from Kidnapping

On July 12, a group of armed men led by Muhammad Irfan attacked Aslam Masih and his family in Sadigabad, a Christian-majority neighborhood in...

The First Commandment Contradicts the Policy of China’s President Xi Jinping

Chinese authorities have ordered a church to remove the First Commandment from a display on the grounds that it contradicts the policy of China's...

Two Christian workers receive deportation orders

Two Christian workers have received deportation orders from the Turkish authorities, the latest expulsions in what appears to be an official campaign to remove...