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Persecuted Christians

For this Muslim Interviewer Forgiveness is Why Egyptian Christians are Made of Steel

"Egyptian Christians are made of steel! For centuries, Egyptian Christians have endured many atrocities."

Iranian Actress Facing Deportation, and Possibly Death

She's been outspoken about her conversion to Christianity, and now fears deportation to Iran.

The First Commandment Contradicts the Policy of China’s President Xi Jinping

Chinese authorities have ordered a church to remove the First Commandment from a display on the grounds that it contradicts the policy of China's...

Pakistani Christian Family Running in Fear After Teenage Son Accused

The 16 year old boy was charged with blasphemy after speaking to a colleague about his faith.

At Least Nine Christians Murdered in Kenya Attack

International Christian Concern has learned that on December 6, 2019, 11 non-local Christian passengers were attacked while travelling to Mandera from Nairobi and killed...

Chinese Pastors Gathered for ‘Unity in Christianity’ Event Arrested and Interrogated by Police

Underground or unregistered churches are technically illegal in the country, and are thus often subject to raids and other forms of intimidation by local authorities.

India: Attacks Against Christians Have Reached a Record High

Hindu extremists were suspected of being involved in most cases of violent assault.

Mexico is the Most Dangerous Place for Priests

Serious persecution through organised corruption and crime not only affects priests, but Christians too.

The Chinese Government has declared “Church-Free Zones” Near School

Regulations to “protect” minors from religion reach a new level of absurdity, as churches near schools are forced to close, asked to share lists...

More Iranian Christians Given Harsh Prison Sentences

Christian Solidarity Worldwide have said the latest convictions are "aimed at intimidating members of minority faiths".