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Pakistani Christian Falsley Accused of Blasphemy and Sentenced to Life Imprisonement

Bhatti's lawyer is going to appeal against the court's decision but it will take years for his appeal to be heard.

ISIS Tries to Impose its Own Version of Islamic Law in North Sinai

It seems that ISIS is attempting to expand its operations in Egypt as it faces significant setbacks in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Nigerian court forces Christian girl of 16 to convert to Islam and marry a...

In 2016, the Christian Association of Nigeria stated that over 1,000 girls entered into forced marriages with Muslims in northern Nigeria.

Persecuted Bible Translators Can Now Work More Securely

These compact, high-speed, digital printing systems help Bible translators in regions where "the church is in hiding" and where there are no printing facilities for hundreds of miles.

North Korea: Dictatorial Regime Tortures Christian Orphans

If you're a Christian and you believe in God and not the dictator, that's a direct threat to the regime.

For this Muslim Interviewer Forgiveness is Why Egyptian Christians are Made of Steel

"Egyptian Christians are made of steel! For centuries, Egyptian Christians have endured many atrocities."