Grieving Father Fights Back Against MS-13 Gang That Killed His Daughter

In a suburban city plagued by gang violence, one man is trying to make a difference before others have to suffer as he has.

Prince of ISIS Converted After Dreaming About the Blood of Jesus

"He was a 'Prince of ISIS', someone ISIS members swear allegiance to and would die for. He was planning to kill me, now he is my brother in Christ"

Chinese Christian Family Escape China After 5 Days on the Run

Chen and her daughters fled their home in February, traveling on foot and by car for five days, sometimes with nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat.

US Navy Seal Dies Defending Christians from ISIS Attack in Iraq

Keating was one of 5 American soldiers in the town when ISIS attacked and after a heroic battle, was killed by a sniper.

Parishioners Assaulted Outside Hillsong Church in Sydney

Pastor Christian Jeyaratnam said that the meetings at Hillsong were intended for young people, who sometimes have issues.

ISIS Use Mannequins to Train Children How to Behead People

A video released in January showed a 10-year-old child cutting the throat of a victim in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor.

Children Abducted by Boko Haram Endure Unimaginable Horrors

According to the report, child abductions by Boko Haram are carefully planned and targeted.

Christian Bakery Refuses to Bake Wedding Cake for Gay Couple

Bakery risks being sued because of its decision to turn down an order based on the sexual orientation of the customer.

Blasphemy Charges Dropped Against Christian Governer of Jakarta

Religious attacks during a critical election reveal the growing influence of extremist Muslim groups in Indonesia

Satanic Temple to Erect Monument Beside Christian Memorial

The Satanic Temple's founder said that the group had been prepared to sue if the application was denied.