Snoop Dog: “I’m Working on a Gospel Album”

Snoop says he's been too busy "doing gangsta business" to have worked on the album. But the time has come!

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Model Facebook on the Church

Zuckerberg would like Facebook to be a community that cares for people, like the Church does.

Jim Carey Points Sinners to the Cross and Forgiveness

Carey addressed a room of ex-criminals, sharing from his own life and suffering: "suffering leads to salvation..."

Pampers Commercial Sends Strong Pro-Life Message

Pampers advert gives only one choice in every circumstance: to celebrate, support and protect this "little miracle".

“God is Trying to Get Our Attention”

With terror attacks becoming more and more widespread, it's not time to hide, but to boldly proclaim the love of Jesus!

“America is Now Overripe for God’s Judgment”

In Paul's letter to the Romans we see that there is a point of no return when God turns people over to a reprobate mind, lost without hope.

Questions Answered: The Transgender Military Mess

Many of these same disqualifying factors that endanger military readiness are reasons why Christians need to show extra compassion for transgender individuals.

Jesse Duplantis : You can make a donation for his $50 millions new jet...

“I didn’t ask you to pay for it. I asked you to believe for it.”

Art is an Idea, as Fluid and Nebulous as a Vapor. Or a Pineapple.

Left behind pineapple becomes art museum's masterpiece.

The Transforming Power of Discipleship

Although women in Africa are hungry for this holistic discipleship, many of them don’t have access to it.