‘The Message’ Bible Creator Changes His Mind About Gays

20 years ago he wouldn't have performed a gay marriage, but today he says, "we're in a transition".

Snoop Dogg’s Career Takes a Turn: Gospel Albums and Christian TV Shows

In the TV show Snoop will share personal testimonies and stories of God’s grace through his many trials and tribulations.

US Company Becomes First in the Country to Microchip Employees

So far, 50 of the 85 employees have signed up for the chance to be chipped.

2000 Year Old Stone Quarry Found Close to City Where Jesus Turned Water to...

Archaeologists uncovered the small cave that was used to produce stone pots and bowls in Jesus day.

1,000-year-old hebrew Bible revealed in Washington, D.C.

Washington – A 1,000-year-old Hebrew Bible, which experts estimate was written in the 10th century in Tiberias, has been unveiled to the public at...

‘Abortion Doula’ – Can She Really Ease the Pain?

While an 'abortion doula' may help to appease the conscience for a moment, women are left with the scars for life.

Father’s Forgives Daughter’s Drug Dealer After Her Death

He sold her the drug that would end her life, but her father forgives him and hopes he finds peace with God.

‘Generation Pet’ – Choosing Pets Over Children

This new 'pet-culture' views babies as burdens, to be disposed of at will.

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U2 frontman Bono speaks about the power of the Psalms and how popular Christian music tends to overlook them.

“Undesigned Coincidences” – Even More Truth in Bible Stories

Despite their apparent independence, the "undesigned coincidences" fit together like pieces of a puzzle.