Justin Bieber Videobombs Hillsong Pastor

Carl Lentz, Joel Houston and Justin Bieber having fun on a bike tour in New Zealand.

Questions Answered: The Transgender Military Mess

Many of these same disqualifying factors that endanger military readiness are reasons why Christians need to show extra compassion for transgender individuals.

Facebook Infidelity is Much More Common Than You’d Like to Think

Research shows that instigating spouses of Facebook extramarital affairs come from both satisfied as well as dissatisfied marriages.

Appreciating Beauty in the Little Things Leads Us to Worship

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Waste Not, Sin Not?

Is it a sin to let food go to waste? What does the Bible say?

Yes I Really Am an Atheist Against Assisted Suicide

Yuill spent 12 months searching for people who opposed assisted dying laws but not from a religious standpoint.

Pure Flix CEO: Parents Need to Protect the Hearts and Minds of Their Children

Estimates are, by age 17, the average child will have spent 32 times the number of hours on media than with their parents.

Latest Canaanite Study Does Not Prove Bible is a “Made Up Book of Myth”

New archaeological study has caused quite a stir, but mostly amongst those who haven't read the Bible.

‘The Message’ Bible Creator Changes His Mind About Gays

20 years ago he wouldn't have performed a gay marriage, but today he says, "we're in a transition".

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