Why Millennials Are Turning Their Backs on Church

Church attendance and impressions of the church are at an all-time low, especially among millennials (22-35 year olds).

Pure Flix CEO: Parents Need to Protect the Hearts and Minds of Their Children

Estimates are, by age 17, the average child will have spent 32 times the number of hours on media than with their parents.

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Facebook Refuses Cross Emoji

Facebook introduced the rainbow-coloured reaction emoji to mark LGBT Pride month on 9 June and “celebrate love and diversity”.

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With the help of the Navigator, Fadhil memorized 87 chapters of the Bible...

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Young Christian Girl speaks out about new Netflix show which appears to glorify suicide.

Richard Dawkins: “It’s important to know about the Bible”

Even this hard-line atheist admits that Christianity might be "a bulwark against something worse".

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