I pray. I plead. I beg on my knees.

I want something big and I’m sure God wants it too. Surely, if it’s a good thing and it lines up with what God desires, then I should get it. Right?

When any of us pray fervently for months and years, it’s easy to wonder why the good things we want haven’t happened yet, or if they ever will. When they don’t, disappointment creeps in and it looks a lot like a weary heart.

God calls us to a life of prayer. He calls us to surrender, wait, trust, and believe. But, I got to tell ya’, sometimes I wonder what all that really means. Not because I disagree. I passionately desire to do these very things. Rather, because I’m not sure what it looks like practically. It’s easy to say, but what does it mean to do?

I’m inclined to think of laying prostrate in prayer until a time when everything gets fixed. Then my time in prayer would be done and I’ll think I’ve won. Because I prayed long enough or right enough.

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