I was introduced to pornography at an early age, probably around 12 or so.

As I said, pornography was one of the ugly parts of my life for many years, even into my 20s after I had become a full-time worship leader. Because I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone knowing that I, a minister of worship in the house of God, dealt with such a dark and evil thing, I couldn’t confess it to anyone, which kept me in a perpetual cycle of guilt and shame. I was in a genuine Romans 7 quandary: the things I didn’t want to do, I did; but the things I wanted to do, I couldn’t do (vv. 14–20). I found myself completely and utterly stuck.

I got married when I was 21 years old. Anna and I were profoundly happy together, and I thought my happiness would cure my problem. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that’s not the way it works.

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