Editor’s Note: This commentary first appeared in aish.com. CBN News was given permission by the author to repost it here.

While so many other people perished, including most of my relatives, I was fortunate to have been reunited with my parents after the war. We returned to Antwerp and Brussels and went on with our lives. I met my wife, also a survivor. We married, raised a family and worked together for 50 years in a family business. We always wanted to come to Israel but continued working. Finally, in 1994, my wife came to live in Israel with my 90+ year old mother and I commuted until I finally retired and joined them, our dream come true.

Until recently, I was fully independent; I even drove my own car, a jeep in which I loved taking my children and grandchildren for trips “off the road”. But lately I’ve been feeling my age. I don’t see or hear as well, and I can’t move as fast as I used to, so I stopped driving. But as a survivor, I didn’t let that stop me. I began walking more and doing my shopping closer to home. I love the Machene Yehuda market, the shuk; it reminds me of the many markets where I sold socks.

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