Stressed? Set Your Mind on Things Above…

For Christians, the troubles of life are temporary and should not be a reason for us to quit.

New Prosthetic Blade Allows Little Girl to Run Around With Her Friends

The new blade allows little Anu to run around and do street dancing with her friends.

Do Faith and Mental Illness Mix?

Sometimes following Jesus doesn’t mean dancing with joy. Sometimes it means you are walking through the valley of death...

What a Hashtag Revealed About the Struggle of Women in the Church

Jesus is not misogynistic, abusive or sexist so any interpretation of Scripture that promotes these things cannot be true.

Social Media and Divorce: 5 Things You Need to Know

Social media is largely harmless, but if not approached with discretion it can lead to emotional infidelity.

Why Students Leave Christianity After High School

Christianity is not a fairytale. Its really true, and it’s past time we make sure the next generation knows it.

Is Breastfeeding in Church a Sin?

Would you mind if women breastfed their babies in church?

Triplets Born With Extremely Rare Condition Undergo Surgery

Their surgery took place at Stony Brook University Hospital where doctors successfully manipulated the boys’ skulls to allow for healthy brain growth.

She said “No” to abortion and today she’s helping other women to do the...

"Because of the Pregnancy Center, I am the women I am today," says Victoria Fallon, who now runs the center 30 years after it helped her choose life for her first daughter.

“Rainbow Babies”: Different Color Twins Celebrate 1st Birthday

Both parents were “totally surprised” to see the difference in their daughters' skin color when they were born on April 23 last year.