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Stop Saying “Marriage is Hard”!

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Pure Flix CEO: Parents Need to Protect the Hearts and Minds of Their Children

Estimates are, by age 17, the average child will have spent 32 times the number of hours on media than with their parents.

Ancient Seals Unearthed During the Excavation of the City of David

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Pampers Commercial Sends Strong Pro-Life Message

Pampers advert gives only one choice in every circumstance: to celebrate, support and protect this "little miracle".

Fake Food: Supermarket Chain Lidl Under Fire For Altering Image on Advertising

Lidl airbrushed out the white crosses on the Santorini Greek church in it's food advertising, claiming it did not want to exclude any religious beliefs.

2000 Year Old Stone Quarry Found Close to City Where Jesus Turned Water to...

Archaeologists uncovered the small cave that was used to produce stone pots and bowls in Jesus day.

Netherlands: Requests for Assisted Suicide Are Growing Steadily

You don't need to be terminally ill to receive assisted suicide in the Netherlands, you just have to be "suffering unbearably".

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It's time to break free from this flawed liberty.‚Äč