2000 Year Old Stone Quarry Found Close to City Where Jesus Turned Water to...

Archaeologists uncovered the small cave that was used to produce stone pots and bowls in Jesus day.

Netherlands: Requests for Assisted Suicide Are Growing Steadily

You don't need to be terminally ill to receive assisted suicide in the Netherlands, you just have to be "suffering unbearably".

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American Study: Muslims More Accepting of Homosexuality Than White Evangelicals

Pew researchers estimate that there are 100,000 new Muslims in the US each year, now making up 1% of the American population.

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Have You Messed Up? Don’t Worry, You’re Still Saved!

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Planned Parenthood’s New Gender Guidelines for Kids Are “Garbage Propaganda”

If an adult tries to talk to a child about whether they’re really a boy or girl, they’re at risk of harming them psychologically.

Disney Kids Animated TV Show Adds 2-Mom Family

Is this "family-friendly" program pushing an agenda, or simply just a sign of the times?