Dawkins: Why is it OK to Criticise Christianity and Not Islam?

Atheist Richard Dawkins has been 'no-platformed' by a US radio station after they discovered his 'abusive speech' against Islam.

Threats and Strong Words For Trump From Iranian President

Rouhani says his threats are a direct response to the United States placing new sanctions on Iran last month.

Sex-Change Surgery Reversed: University Blocks Study Saying it’s “Politically Incorrect”

The university has been accused of failing to follow 'the most basic tenets of academic and intellectual freedom of enquiry'.

Miracle: Boy Expected to Make Full Recovery After Drowning

Staff at the hotel where the incident occurred administered CPR for 20 minutes before his pulse returned.

Satanic Temple to Erect Monument Beside Christian Memorial

The Satanic Temple's founder said that the group had been prepared to sue if the application was denied.